Fall 2014 registration is closed! Good luck to all our players this season.
Posted Jun 25, 2014

At the school's request, please do NOT call the school phone number (503-283-5197) with your questions. The soccer board is best contacted by email at holyredeemersoccer@gmail.com.

Thanks for your understanding.


Welcome to Holy Redeemer Soccer Club!

"Our goal is to provide a positive soccer experience for all young players."

Connecting families and communities through the game of soccer.

Posted Jul 14, 2014

Due to the increasing number of scholarship/financial assistance requests, we will be implementing a new process for requests during  SPRING 2015 registration. As always, our goal will be to allow more kids to enjoy the game of soccer without financial barriers. More information to coming soon!

To contact our Board Members: holyredeemersoccer@gmail.com
  • Meg Farra Treasurer

  • Greg Martin Head Coach

  • Janis Miesen Vice-President

  • Winnie Nguyen Registrar

  • Jill Pyle Equipment Manager

  • Desiree Senffner President

  • Kate Zagone Secretary

Age/Grade Guideline

Registration guidelines:

U7 (K & 1st grade)

U8 (2nd grade)

U9 (3rd grade)

U10 (4th grade)

U11 (5th grade)

U12 (6th grade)

U13 (7th grade)

U14 (8th grade)

Scholarships are available for families needing financial assistance for registration fees. Our goal is to allow kids to enjoy the game of soccer without financial barriers.  Please contact HRSC via email at holyredeemersoccer@gmail.com.