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Thank you for choosing Holy Redeemer Soccer Club for your child. We hope that your child's soccer experience is a positive one and we appreciate all of our parental support.

U7/8 Parent / Coach Brochure (Information on playing time, rules etc.) Click Here

U9/14 Parent / Coach Brochure (Information on playing time, rules etc.) Click Here

Portland Youth Soccer Association has some great information to help you get familiar with recreational soccer leagues. For more parent information click here.

Positive Parenting in Sports

We are our children's biggest fans. Therefore, it is very important to keep their athletic experiences positive by encouraging them without putting undue stress and pressure on them. US Youth Soccer has put together a very nice video about positive parenting in soccer. Our goal should be to do what we can to keep the sport fun.

The 10 most important reasons I play my best sport (From a childs perpsective).

In order of importance….

1. To have fun (Related to coaching)

2. To improve my skills (Related to coaching)

3. To stay in shape (Related to coaching)

4. To do something I'm good at (Related to Coaching) 

5. For the excitement of competition (Related to coaching)

6. To get exercise (Related to coaching)

7. To play as part of a team (Related to coaching)

8. For the challenge of competition (Related to coaching)

9. To learn new skills (Related to coaching)

10. To win (Related to coaching)
The 11 most important reasons I stopped playing a sport (From a childs perspective). In order of importance…. 

1. I lost interest. (Players don't develop ownership in the sport)

2. I was not having fun. (Adults are too critical of mistakes and self-expression)

3. It took too much time.
(It takes approximately 10 years, or 10,000-hours to be proficient at anything)

4. Coach was a poor teacher. (Not being taught basic skills)

5. Too much pressure (Not understood by their coaches or parents/Pressure to perform)

6. Wanted a non-sport activity. (Some drop-out is inevitable)

7. I was tired of it. (Too much, too soon, perhaps?)

8. Needed more time for study.

9. Coach played favorites.

10. The sport was boring.

11. There was an overemphasis on winning.